To become a Pony Club Centre member at Bulby visit the Pony Club website by clicking here to download a form, complete it and return to the yard because we will need to countersign the form for you before you send it off.

Pony Club Badge Evenings (combined ages, Grassroots and Juniors)

Thursdays 5.00 - 7.00pm £5 Age 4 +

with Jade, BHS Stage 3 in complete horsemanship.

Riding lessons at 4.30pm (and before for those without school or work)!

Grassroots:An introduction to stable management and pony care on the yard and in our wonderful new classroom. Training starts with mini badges in grooming and handling and care of equipement.

Juniors is for Pony Club members who have achieved their mini badges or are old enough to move on to learn about Pony Care in more depth.  This is good hands on training in stable management and Pony Care for those who want to become Saddle Club Shadows (they are age 10+) to our Saddle Club Seniors (age 14+) who help and train on the yard on Saturdays and Sundays.

Please book in at the office

The Pony Club at Bulby meets on Thursdays for the at the yard from 5.00 - 7.00pm. Ring Helen, Jade, Sophie or Rachael on 01778 591186 or  07483 139232 (or text) or  email to find out more.

General Pony Club Centre information click here, reasons to join click here.  To explore the tests and achievements, badges and progressive tests click here. When they are 10+ they can join the saddle club on Saturdays and Sundays and more get practical experience on the yard knowing they know somthing!  Some of the older experienced saddle clubbers come and help on younger members pony days....part of thier leadership training and volunteering.

Pony Club sweatshirts are now in for the little ones.  Please let Helen know if you need one...it will be great to get all the mini achievement badges sewn on...your mums are going to be really pleased folks.

For those well down the training route the D, D+ and C training with different coloured badge felts mark achievements. The higher level Pony Club tests allow exemption from some of the BHS professional exams....but that's further along the journey which starts with badge nights!

For those Pony Club members who lease a pony check out the 'What's On' page for local competitions to get out and about.  



Saddle club girls booked the ponies for our jolly gruesome event.  Winner was hook nosed Abi, with a gang of goulish fellows, cats and pumpkins in hot pursuit. As for Alice, she just lost her head. Did Ella and teachers helper Wizz over with some glue whilst we all saw red Natasha and her shadow and Maddie wrap herself round her Coco? Hew  ee that was close said Abi. Em 'a ve we finished making silly jokes. Grim weepers says Diana.



On camp the children took the opportunity to get out and about and study woodland fauna and flora.

Pony Club Centre Membership is for children who do not own their own ponies but ride at riding schools.

There are 29 achievement badges available to study, ranging from Native Breeds and Saddlery to Poisonous Plants and Working Dogs.

Centre evenings happen at Bulby Riding School on Wednesday evenings for the 4 - 7year old age group, and on Friday evenings for the age 8+.   When the children reach 10they are allowed to attend junior saddle club on Saturdays.  There are also activities during the school holidays so check out the 'What's on' page.  Remember to ring up and book a place.   

Information for parents:-

Data protection information link click here.

Child protection information click here.

Hewy and Abbi in the ribbons Diana and Buster
Paddy and Jade, Stef and Toffee, seriously in the ribbons Jade and Buster jumping
Burghley Pony Club April 27th Novice Show Hunter Trial 2008


Click here for information about joining the Sadde Club. 

This club is for riders who want to have fun, learn more about stable management and take part in yard activities learning how to look after ponies. Members attend on Saturdays and during the school holidays.

Norfolk beach ride, Wizz, Buster and Molly

Telephone:01778 591186

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