The April 11th Cambridge Polocrosse tournament became a great training session for Bulby Pony Club Centre and Burghley Pony Club members.  Photo's to follow.

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Louis, Dino and Shadow went to the championships this year from Bulby.

Burghley Pony Club took a junior team to the Pony Club Championships this year and came a magnificent 5th using two of the riding school ponies.   We hope that Bulby will take a full mini's team next year and join up with the Burghley Camp.  Natasha joined up with Moorfields Equestrian Centre rider Samantha and Croome rider Annabel to make up a mini's team under Moorfields flag and came a super magnificent 4th.

Mini's are 12 and under on 1 st Jan on ponies 13.2hh and under and junior teams are 14 and under on 1st January on ponies 14.2 and under. Those who are keen might like to take part in other competitions before the Pony Club Championships in 2010. Seniors (open) on ponies 13.2 minimum.  Competing in other tournaments would involve registering with UKPA (United Kingdome Polocrosse Association) and affiliating (joining) a registered Polocrosse Club. (registration at the discounted rate of £10 with UKPA..(deal offered to Pony Club Members) and membership of Ashfields for Junior members is £30).  See  www.ashfieldspolocrosse.com/membership/    Checking out the map of clubs this one seems the most accessible…down the M11 and is the club Kim Lampard is associated with. Kim has coached Burghley and Bulby members and is based near Grantham.

For training sessions during the holidays other Pony Club Branch riders interested are welcome.  We are hoping that Moorfield's Pony Club Centre will come and play.  Please contact Sue.  Bulby Pony Club Centre membes please contact Laura, Nat or Elaine to book a place when the date is finalised.

If anyone is interested please contact

Sue Bevan on 07791976044 or by email:-

yardstaff at bulbystables.com


Link to Polocrosse on Pony Club Website

video on how to train and play


The field is 60 yards (55m) x 160 yards (146.5m), with three separate areas. The goal scoring areas, on each end, are 30 yards long. Only the No.1 of the attacking team and the No. 3 of the defending team can play in these areas. The middle area is 100 yards long. The line separating the goal scoring and centre areas is called the penalty line. Goal posts are 8 feet apart. To score, the ball must be thrown from outside an 11-yard semi-circle in front of the goal through the posts or a between their imaginary vertical extensions.


A team consists of 6 players, divided into two sections of three who play alternate chukkas of a maximum of 8 minutes each. Six or eight chukkas comprise a full match. The three players in each section play the position of a No. 1 "attack", a No. 2 "centre", or a No. 3 "defence".

Junior teams have three members and breaks between happen by running two matches on the same pitch, the different match chukkas alternating with each other.


No. 1's play in the attacking end and the centre, No. 2's play only in the centre and   No. 3's the defenders play in the centre and their defending end of the pitch. 


Players are allowed only to play one horse, except in the case of injury. Primary Juniors must play on ponies 14.2hh or under. There are no other restrictions, you can play on any horse. The better you become the more important it becomes for the horse to be agile. Top grade players generally use thoroughbreds or horses crossed with quarter horses or australian stock horses between 14.2hh and 16hh.


As the name implies, it is a combination of polo and lacrosse. It is played outside, on a field, on horseback. Each rider uses a stick to which is attached a racquet head with a loose, thread net, in which the ball is carried. The ball is made of sponge rubber and is approximately 4" across. The objective is to score goals by throwing the ball between your opponent's goal posts from outside the 'D', rather like rugby there is an imaginary extension of the posts between which it is possible to score.


Players can pick up the ball from the ground, catch it in their racquet, and ride with it. They will throw it to other players until the No.1 has possession in the goal scoring area. A player cannot carry the ball over the penalty line, but must bounce it so that they do not have possession of it while actually crossing the line. However, it can be thrown to a player over the line. When carrying the ball, a player must carry it on the stick side, i.e. right-handed players must carry it on the offside of the horse. They can, however, pick-up or catch the ball on the non-stick side provided they immediately bring it back to their stick side.


It commences in centre field with the players lining up, one section beside the other, with the No. 1's in front. This is called a line out. The umpire then throws the ball, over the player's heads. The game recommences similarly after a goal has been scored. Whenever an attempt at goal fails, the No. 3 throws the ball back into play from behind the penalty line, as directed by the umpire.


Hitting at an opponent's stick, either to dislodge the ball or to prevent them from gaining possession of it, is allowed in an upward direction only. Riding off is allowed, but crossing, stopping over the ball, or elbowing constitutes fouls. Sandwiching of one player between two others also constitutes a foul. Fouls result in a free throw to the offended side.


Requirements for the rider are a recognised safety helmet and a racquet. For the horse you will need leg wraps and coronet boots.


In UKPA the age groups differ from the Pony Club which are listed above.  UKPA Primary Juniors are 11 and under on 1st January, Juniors are 15 and under on 1st January in the year of play. 

For the Pony Club Mini's are 12 and under on 1st January on ponies 13.2 and under and Juniors are 14 and under on 1st January on ponies under 14.2hh.




Bulby Pony Club Centre enjoyed a fabulous Polocrosse training session with Kim Lampard, U21 England Team manager and vice president of the UKPA (assisted by Alison and Johnathan, top grade Polocrosse players) and Dierdre Glover who has been teaching us our new sport along with Burghley, Belvoir and Cottesmore PC members.  We had a great day at Bulby and plan to train over the winter and form a team to compete next summer.

Thanks for a great day Dierdre, Kim, Johnathan and Alison, aka

Kimberley, Jeffrey and Alistair!


Thank you to the Worshipful Company of Loriners for help with Bulby's Polocrosse Kit.  They very kindly provided sponsorship through the Pony Club to help Centres and Branches purchase polocrosse equipment. Burghley Pony Club introduced us to training and we then travelled to Bawtry to join a Rockwood Harriers Pony Club training day.  Check out the'What's on' page for the listed training sessons, they are already up.  Don't  forget to book with Izzy.


Hi to everyone

Thank you so much for the polo-cross equipment which we have already used this last weekend at Doncaster. It went very well and we've already improved enormously. We have been practicing loads for the forthcoming events and can't wait for the next time we get to use all the new equipment. It's so much fun on a horse playing a competitive game and it will get even more exciting once the ponies get used to the sticks and balls!!!

Once again thanks a zillion - it's awsome!!!!


Thanks to the Pony Club and the Worshipful Company of Loriners.

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