The Bulby suckler herd or Traditional British White Cattle produces grass grown beef from an old British Breed which has an outstanding reputation for good beef.  The cattle at Bulby live out year long on pasture and are fed home grown hay and silage in winter.  The herd stay together and the young are weaned naturally and enjoy ranging over beautiful parkland with natual knolls and trees for shelter and shade. Some of the steers are approaching maturity and been will be available in 20kg packs at reasonable prices.

Individuals and restaurants are welome to enquire about the herd and availablity. 



Contact:J&S Bevan Farm

Bulby Hall, Bulby, Nr Bourne, South Lincolnshire, PE10 0RU. Tel:01778 591382, 07791976044



Bulby Hall Livery Stables, Bulby, Nr Bourne, South Lincolnshire, PE10 0RU.