Buster's obviously about to lead....he's wearing gloves, just needs a hat now. Co-co's glad he's got a rug on in the frost and Lily, the new foal's half sister has started lungeing and feels very grown up because she walks out to the field on her own now. We hope she will be an eventer like her mum Soldier.

Soldier had her foal in April , here he is.  She and he are doing well at stud.

This is William as a foal!
Here's Mum Soldier in her eventing days

We are looking forward to the summer months and drier warmer weather, in the meantime Owen, a private livery, enjoys the effect of a roll in the mud whilst Co-co and Shadow sun bathe.


Concentration, practice makes perfect. Out and about and through the river

Buckminster Show 8th July

Buster and Diana

Team Building at the yard on the sack

Bulby Equestrian Centre took part in Buckminster Show in Preparation for the Pony Club Centre Championships.  More to come in 2008

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